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Creating and managing a budget while you're in school certainly doesn't sound like fun, but it sure beats the alternative: not having enough money when you want it, and worse, not having enough money when you NEED it! Learning to control spending and live within a budget while you're in school will absolutely help you manage your finances after graduation and beyond.

Budgets are simple. It's all about balancing income with spending. In the following sections, we'll show you how to use your UofL OneCard and online account statement to manage a budget.

Get your money fast... it's EASY!
Do you really want to wait several days to receive the Financial Aid, tuition reimbursement, or additional refunds University of Louisville owes you? We didn't think so. With same business day deposit to a OneAccount, you'll have your refund so fast, your biggest decision will be figuring out how you want to spend it. And setting it up is simple!
  • Visit the website to activate your UofL OneCard
  • Select "Refunds" from the menu bar
  • Select "Refund Preferences" from the drop down menu
  • Select "Same Business Day Deposit to a OneAccount" followed by "Update Preferences"
  • Confirm your preference
With your account, you can request money from friends, family members or anyone with an email address. For example, suppose your account balance is a little low, and you need money to buy a few required books at the bookstore. Just log on to the website and from the main menu bar select "Add Money", then "Request Money" to send an email to a friend or family member requesting money be sent to you. If they have already set up a "Funding Account," they can quickly and easily "send" or transfer funds to your account electronically, along with an email announcing the transaction. If you have an outside bank account, you can set it up as a "Funding Account" and transfer money electronically to your OneAccount. To do this, log on to and from the main menu bar select "Transfers & Payments," then "Transfer Money," and follow the instructions. Once you have a confirmed account, you will be able transfer funds electronically to your account.
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That's My Budget and I'm Sticking To It!
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